Live FPV demo #2 at the Nordic Media Festival
Another quick flight with my 45 gram micro drone....
published: 10 May 2013
Micro Quadcopter indoor FPV flight at conference
Demo of my modified Walkera DSM2 Ladybird. Flying FPV during the Nordic Media Festival. AU...
published: 08 May 2013
Magnús Scheving - The Nordic Media Festival (Norway 2009)
Magnús Scheving in Bergen (Norway) Date: May 2009 Link: http://nordiskemediedager.no/nmd-t...
published: 22 Jan 2012
Nordic Media Festival May 2008
Jonathan Marks previews the site of the 2008 Nordic Media Festival to be held in Bergen, N...
published: 28 Mar 2008
INTRO | Nordic-Media.net
www.NORDIC-MEDIA.net intro. By www.youtube.com/user/florent1337....
published: 20 Jun 2010
author: paithawezum
Nordic Media Festival - Nordiske Mediedager
Vignett for Nordic Media Festival, 2009 produced by BUG Production Company. This is an ann...
published: 04 Jul 2009
author: BugTM
Css| Nordic - Media by Lugo
Found an old frag @ my computer so i made a little edit under the new flag Nordic - Media ...
published: 21 Jul 2010
author: 1337Lugo
[remake] Application Clip Nordic Media by deVious [ACCEPTED]
[remake] Application Clip Nordic Media by deVious [ACCSEPTED]...
published: 14 Aug 2010
author: janzen93
Nordic Media Tävling 1
published: 07 Jul 2014
Dr. Hans Rosling, Myths on Vaccination @ Nordic Media Festival 2014
Dr. Hans Rosling is a Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician and public speaker. H...
published: 11 May 2014
Day 27: leverage at Nordic Media summit
An Coppens, CEO of Balanced Exec Ltd is documenting her journey to leverage. Thanks to tec...
published: 27 Sep 2012
author: An Coppens
Nordic Gender & Media Forum
Voices from Time to step up, a conference on good gender media practices in the Nordic cou...
published: 11 Jun 2014
Intervju med Anne Lindmo og Ilene Landress NMD 2014
Produsent for HBO-showet 'Girls' Ilene Landress gjestet Norge i anledning Nordiske medieda...
published: 14 May 2014
Brille spesial: Nynorsk fordjupning. NMD13
Harald Eia og eit svært kompetent panel markerer 200 årsjubileet for sjølvaste Ivar Aasen....
published: 14 May 2013
Youtube results:
The Art of Zhen Shan Ren - Global Exhibitions
► Website: ntdnordic.com ► Facebook: facebook.com/NTDNordic ► Youtube: youtube.com/user/nt...
published: 02 Jun 2014
IGF2012- Nordic Youth Delegation demands: Ease of use - Integrity - Education
We need to listen to the youth when discussing Internet Governance. Still, young people ar...
published: 13 Dec 2012
author: igf
Head Cam View from RAF Reserves Media Officer Nordic Skiing
New to Nordic skiing, Flying Officer Peter Lisney, equipped with a 'head cam', heads along...
published: 29 Mar 2014
Dr. Hans Rosling: Facts and Fiction on Global Health NMD 2014
Even the most worldly and well-read journalist can have his perspectives on the state of t...
published: 12 May 2014